Alan Dworkin is a Gala-Tec owner and President of the company.

Alan says, “My passion for my work stems from collaborating with others to create and facilitate solutions to their needs. Doing so comes naturally to me because I’m organized, efficient, and hard-working, but I also like things to be low stress and fun. At the end of the day, nothing gives me more joy than knowing I’ve positively influenced not only someone’s work, but also their life.”

James Dworkin is Alan’s son, a co-owner and Gala-Tec’s Chief Operating Officer.

He has this to say about his work. “My job at Gala-Tec is a perfect fit because it provides me with the opportunity to do what I love under the auspices of an outstanding company.”

Feel free to come in and look around. Ask questions. Parking is available on the street or in nearby lots.